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Santa? 2:11 Behold, the true magic of Santa Claus is revealed! Submitted by: Funny Or Die Regular Keywords: Santa Santa Claus Magic Milk Cookies…


Why did Jesus walk on water?

Why did Jesus walk on water? 3:01 We know how Jesus did it, but WHY did he do it? Submitted by: SPITBALL! Regular Keywords:…


The 1982 Tron Holiday Special

The 1982 Tron Holiday Special 1:33 A recently unearthed Christmas classic from 1982, starring most of your favorite Tron characters and laser bikes. Submitted…


Harold & Kumar's Yuletide Jamz

Harold & Kumar’s Yuletide Jamz 1:56 Join Harold & Kumar as they sing all of your favorite holiday classics… and some songs they just…


Santa Cola

Santa Cola 2:11 A brand new classic Christmas song! Submitted by: The Cooties Regular Keywords: Christmas Santa Children Babies Coke Pepsi Views: 1,434


Christmas Party Apology Letter Template

Christmas Party Apology Letter Template We’ve made writing the perfect Christmas party apology letter easy. Submitted by: Alex Pearson Regular Keywords: Christmas Apology Sorry…


9 Last Minute Christmas Gifts

9 Last Minute Christmas Gifts #4. Leftover deviled eggs from the office party. Submitted by: Pitch Regular Keywords: Christmas Christmas Gifts Santa Gifts Presents…


How The Donald Stole Christmas

How The Donald Stole Christmas 2:36 Ever wonder what would happen if Trump took over the North Pole? What a disaster! Sad! Submitted by:…


One Job – Always Something

One Job – Always Something 3:42 You’re a valuable member of the band, right? Submitted by: Natalie Morales Regular Keywords: always something there to…


Holiday 2 Remember

Holiday 2 Remember 0:56 The Car that keeps on giving…..taking. Submitted by: Meyerbros Regular Keywords: Lexus December to remember Holiday Car buying leasing family…


Santa’s Milk Reviews

Santa’s Milk Reviews Santa knows milk and is here to break it down for you. Submitted by: YETI Sponsored Keywords: christmas melk santa claus…


Crying in Public

Crying in Public 3:25 There may be no more uncomfortable feeling in the world than watching other people crying in public, so here’s a…