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Donald Trump's Cruel Intentions

Donald Trump’s Cruel Intentions 1:30 Donald Trump may think he is king of the class, but Michael Wolff has all the gossip and isn’t…


More Porn Parodies We Don't Need

More Porn Parodies We Don’t Need Are these porn parodies really necessary? Submitted by: Pitch Regular Keywords: Porn pornography parody movies film comedy humor…


Girl Brain

Girl Brain 2:47 Brunch goes awry when that guy she’s dating doesn’t text back after ONE minute. Panic NATURALLY ensues inside her Girl Brain….


Femmolex: The Product Every Woman Needs

Femmolex: The Product Every Woman Needs 2:12 Femmolex is a revolutionary product for women. Submitted by: Amos Vernon Regular Keywords: women feminine product tampons…


Google Home-wrecker

Google Home-wrecker 3:12 Google Home got an update. Welcome to the future… Watch the alternate ending here: Cast Tara – Tara Federko…


6 Of The Saddest Amazon Reviews

6 Of The Saddest Amazon Reviews Can’t wait for this shit to end up at Goodwill after I die. Submitted by: Pitch Regular Keywords:…


Guys Who Wear Sunglasses Indoors

Guys Who Wear Sunglasses Indoors 0:33 Don’t you just hate when people wear sunglasses indoors? Submitted by: Funny Business Regular Keywords: douche party murder…


How Did George Clooney Prank You?

How Did George Clooney Prank You? 1:25 We hit the streets to ask people about their experiences with the master prankster himself, George Clooney….


Dr. Lawyercop

Dr. Lawyercop 3:02 This procedural gives you the REAL triple threat. He’s a doctor. He’s a lawyer. He’s a cop. He’s Dr. Lawyercop. Submitted…