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Business Work: Closing Time

Business Work: Closing Time 1:23 The employees pack up their things and head home. Submitted by: Business Work Crypt Keywords: ucb sketch john purcell…


NRA Slam Poetry

NRA Slam Poetry 2:08 The National Rifle Association is getting slammed by the liberal media, so NRA member Sage Thompson expresses their struggle the…



HAMILARIA 3:32 “For those addicted to HAMILTON, and those who want them to be quiet. An ad for the Weehawken Institute for the Treatment…


Father's Day Emporium

Father’s Day Emporium 1:59 This Father’s Day get everything you need at the Father’s Day Emporium, your one-stop shop for everything dad. Submitted by:…


Hermit Crab Airbnb Listing

Hermit Crab Airbnb Listing Crab Gary is going out of town for a bit and wants to rent out his shell. Submitted by: Amos…