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Going Green

“My uncle getting caught growing weed in the backyard, circa 1970s.” (via source)  The post Going Green appeared first on


Dreaming Of A Goth Christmas

“My all-time favorite Christmas photo. I’m top left.” (via source) The post Dreaming Of A Goth Christmas appeared first on


Love In The 21st Century

“Emailed my grandparents a photo. Found it framed a few months later.” (via source) The post Love In The 21st Century appeared first on…


The Masked Santa

“This was 1969 or 1970. I think the masked Santa was my Great Uncle Louie. He liked his beer. I don’t have am explanation…


Glove Work

“My sister got these from her boyfriend for ‘being a keeper.’” (via source) The post Glove Work appeared first on


Cannibal Christmas

“My brother labeled our Christmas leftovers so we could differentiate between our food and the dog’s. My mom gasped when she opened the fridge.”…


The Keeper

“My sister got these from her boyfriend for ‘being a keeper.’” (via source) The post The Keeper appeared first on


A Treat For “Santa”

“I told my 2-year-old that Santa was tired of milk and cookies.” (via source) The post A Treat For “Santa” appeared first on


Deepest Sympathies

“My five-year-old niece picked out a birthday card for me herself.” (via source) The post Deepest Sympathies appeared first on


Silent Nightmare

“Today is St. Nicolas Day here in Poland, when St. Nicolas brings all the kids gifts. That is, if they behaved for the entire…


Da Bomb

“My mom, sitting on a bomb that landed in their backyard. 1958.” (via source) The post Da Bomb appeared first on


Sympathies Fron Bethany

“My five-year-old niece picked out a birthday card for me herself.” (via source) The post Sympathies Fron Bethany appeared first on



“One year my mom made my brother and I outfits from the drapes that came with our beautiful couch.” (via source)   The post…


Wookie Mistake

“My wife was not impressed with her birthday gift.” (via source) The post Wookie Mistake appeared first on


Partridge In A Hair Tree

“Mom sent me this photo of my father’s entry into an ugly Christmas sweater.” (via source) The post Partridge In A Hair Tree appeared…


Porcupine Boy

“High school prom in 1998. I had really long curly hair and wanted to cut it off soon, so I went out with a…


The Riddler

“My cat has a question mark on his chest.” (via source) The post The Riddler appeared first on


Christmas Chaos

“Our Christmas photos are ready!” (via source) The post Christmas Chaos appeared first on


The Baby Cake

“Most disturbing baby shower cake I’ve ever seen.” (via source) The post The Baby Cake appeared first on


The Birthday Message

“Looking through old pictures from my third birthday, I just noticed something interesting on the hats. It was before I could read. Thanks, Mom.”…


Moon Over Christmas

“I was taking some pictures of my grandparents on the couch at Christmas. My brother was changing his baby’s diaper behind the couch at…


Renaissance Man

“My buddy found his 1572 doppelganger at the art museum.” (via source) The post Renaissance Man appeared first on


Dino Centipede

“My wife tried to take a panorama at the Thanksgiving Parade and got a Dino Centipede instead.” (via source) The post Dino Centipede appeared…


“D” For Effort

“My friend’s pregnant wife dropped the picture frame and knocked off some letters. Still technically correct.” (via source) The post “D” For Effort appeared…



“I was visiting my grandparents at the cemetery today. I’ve never met my grandfather. Been visiting for 23 years and never noticed his love…


Thumb’s Up

“A friend of mine ordered a picture cake and gave the woman a thumb drive with the picture she wanted to use. When my…


The Bathroom Goldblum

“I let my boyfriend choose a shower curtain and now we have this.” (via source) The post The Bathroom Goldblum appeared first on


Tattoos Are Forverer

“How do I tell my cousin in a nice way that he made a mistake?” (via source) The post Tattoos Are Forverer appeared first…


Give Me A Sign

“For the family Christmas photo, everyone had to make a sign with their relationship status. I’m single, so this was my sign.” (via source)…


Wet Christmas

“My youngest son peed all over Santa at the moment this picture was being taken, and Santa had some ‘choice words’ at that moment…