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The Lie Down

“We attempted to get a family photo with my grandparents and all the grandkids. Charlie was not being too cooperative. There’s always one in…


The Manscaper

“Water park day preparations.” (via source) The post The Manscaper appeared first on


The Christmas Chair

“My mom’s family, 1963. My mom and aunt are the little girls in front row. We’re all very confused as to why the chair…


Uneasy Rider

“My childless uncle watching the kids for the weekend.” (via source) The post Uneasy Rider appeared first on


Cocktail Hour

“This kindergartner’s assignment on triangles.” (via source) The post Cocktail Hour appeared first on


Dessert Doppelganger

“Made a cake of my dad.” (via source) The post Dessert Doppelganger appeared first on


The Fountainhead

“All I wanted was one nice picture of my dad.” (via source) The post The Fountainhead appeared first on


Dad And Pam

“My dad kept Pamela in our living room for YEARS, scaring me every time I came home. My mom wasn’t a fan.” (via source)…


Hanging On

“This is how my dog greeted me at the door today.” (via source) The post Hanging On appeared first on



“This was a backyard birthday party for my little sister, and I’m the one with the water balloon.” (submitted by Emily) The post Splashdown…


Bubble Trouble

“Thought we could trust my brother in the bath by himself for half an hour.” (via source) The post Bubble Trouble appeared first on…


Point Break

“My favorite picture of my brother and his wife teaching my other brother how to surf.” (via source) The post Point Break appeared first…


The Wedding Tackle

“This is a picture from my sister’s wedding. My daughter is the flower girl and my son is the linebacker. My son would not…


Baby Got Silverback

“Snapped a nice picture of my dad admiring a gorilla’s ass.” (via source) The post Baby Got Silverback appeared first on


Cracked Up

“We tried to some nice pictures together at Oktoberfest in Portland, OR.” (via source) The post Cracked Up appeared first on


Something Wild

“This happened unexpectedly to my dad’s friend in Idaho circa 1980 while he was leaning into his car to get something.” (via source) The…



“My mother wanted me to have unique senior photos that reflected my personality. You have already proudly displayed my pic with my face wrapped…


Muscle Head

“I ordered this cake for my son’s birthday. When we saw it we were all confused. However, the birthday boy loved it and thought…


Land Of Confusion

“Family pictures have always been a challenge for us.” (submitted by Amy) The post Land Of Confusion appeared first on


Goat Groom

“My wife’s dress makes it look like I have hooves.” (via source) The post Goat Groom appeared first on


Wedding Casual

“2 steps into walking down the aisle. He said ‘Goddamit Jeri, did my pants just fall down?’” (via source) The post Wedding Casual appeared…


Au Naturel

“Note to self: dont wear a green shirt to the zoo if you plan on taking pics in front of a green screen!” (submitted…


Fashion Forward

“I really thought matching my clothes to the background I selected was gonna be cool forever.” (via source)


Opposites Attract

“In 90 days, I marry my best friend. This is my favourite picture of us.” (via source) The post Opposites Attract appeared first on…