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Flower Man

“I was recently the flower MAN in a wedding. And it was awesome.” (via source, photo by Erin Moore) The post Flower Man appeared…


Clown Recreation

“I recreated this awkward photo last year. The original is from about 1988. I must have gotten into my sister’s make-up and tried to…


Ken Doll Gets A Makeover

Last year, Barbie unveiled a new line of diverse dolls, with three different body types, seven skin tones, and 22 eye colors. (Check it…


An Uninvited Guest

“Always have someone check your wedding invitations before sending.” (via source) The post An Uninvited Guest appeared first on


The Family Tree

“My new date shirt. Wife wasn’t impressed.” (via source) The post The Family Tree appeared first on


Wonder Man

“Gal Gadot’s husband has the best t-shirt ever.” (via source) The post Wonder Man appeared first on


New Kid In Town

“Our four year old son was less than thrilled with the arrival of his new baby brother.” (submitted by Meghan) The post New Kid…


Go Fish

“My daughter caught her first fish.” (via source) The post Go Fish appeared first on


Dads For Sale

“I made a fake Father’s Day sale flyer and put it in my neighbor’s mailboxes.” h/t: Obvious Plant The post Dads For Sale appeared…


The Not-So-Little Mermaid

“My husband on the couch of a house we rented in St John.” (submitted by Brigette)  The post The Not-So-Little Mermaid appeared first on…


The Woodsman

“At our wedding, my husband posed for a picture with his close friend’s wife while his close friend relieved himself close by. The photographer…


Wax On, Wax Off

“This is a photo of me when I met Pat Morita roughly half a year before he passed away. He was getting honored at…


MC Dad

“Celebrating Father’s Day with the appropriate shirts.” (via source) The post MC Dad appeared first on


Mr. Wonder Woman

“Gal Gadot’s husband has the best t-shirt ever.” (via source) The post Mr. Wonder Woman appeared first on


The 1865 Version Of Tinder

“A man advertising for a wife in Maine, 1865.” CHANCE FOR A SPINSTER–a young man in Aroostook County, Maine advertising for a wife, speaks…


7 Going On 47

“A gem I found of my sister-in-law. I will call her ‘Razz-A-Ma-Tazz’ for her upside-down shades.” (via source) The post 7 Going On 47…


The Glamor Monster

“I did an image search on my glamour photo and these were the closest lookalike photos. Glamorous? I was anything but.” (submitted by Sarah)…


The Protection Plan

“I was at my desk (I work for a cell phone company) and this woman LITERALLY threw a condom at me and says to…


Pelican Brief

“My grandma got bit by a pelican on the pier and then began to scold it.” (via source) The post Pelican Brief appeared first…



“Friend lost a bet. Here’s her senior picture.” (via source) The post Lancelot appeared first on


Family In The Raw

“When your amazing artist Dad says you’re taking a family photo and his photographer friend is going to shoot it, you do it with…


Tebow Time

“My grandmother loves Tim Tebow, so we got her this for her birthday.” (via source) The post Tebow Time appeared first on


Paternity Test

“Like father, like son.” (via source) The post Paternity Test appeared first on


Keeping It Real

“Perfect family portrait.” (via source) The post Keeping It Real appeared first on


23 Dadbods

When it comes to Dad, if he’s got it, he’s going to flaunt it. And if he doesn’t, well, he’s still going to flaunt…


Baby Launcher

“I like to make my brother look like a bad parent.” (via source) The post Baby Launcher appeared first on