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Screamamucci 3:17 If Anthony Scaramucci played the killer in Scream the film may have been even more terrifying. Submitted by: Funny Or Die Regular…


Moody Batman

Moody Batman 2:11 Written and Produced by: Leah Folta & Lia Woodward Directed/Filmed/Edited by: Anna Zlokovic Starring: Sean Brogan as Moody Batman Leah Folta…


The Manscaper

“Water park day preparations.” (via source) The post The Manscaper appeared first on


The Lie Down

“We attempted to get a family photo with my grandparents and all the grandkids. Charlie was not being too cooperative. There’s always one in…


Agents of Mayhem Review

For my mind, Saints Row used to be a fun riff on Rockstar’s tried-and-true Grand Theft Auto template, but somewhere around the series’ fourth entry,…


The Christmas Chair

“My mom’s family, 1963. My mom and aunt are the little girls in front row. We’re all very confused as to why the chair…